Bach Flower Remedies

Bach flower remedies are dilutions of flower material developed by Edward Bach, an English bacteriologist, pathologist and homeopath, in the 1930s. Bach believed that dew found on flower petals retain healing properties of that plant. The remedies are intended primarily for emotional and spiritual conditions, including but not limited to depression, anxiety, insomnia and stress.

The 38 remedies contain a very small amount of flower material in a solution of alcohol and water. Because they are extremely diluted they do not have a characteristic scent or taste of the plant. It is claimed that the remedies contain “energetic” or “vibrational” nature of the flower and that this can be transmitted to the user. The Bach Flower remedies are considered vibrational medicines, and rely on a concept of water memory. It is a safe and natural method of healing. They gently restore the balance between mind and body by casting out negative emotions, such as, fear, worry, hatred and indecision which interfere with the equilibrium of the being as a whole. The Bach Flower Remedies allow peace and happiness to return to the sufferer so that the body is free to heal itself.

‘This work of healing has been done, and published and given freely so that people like yourselves can help yourselves’( Dr. Edward Bach)
Each of the 38 remedies discovered by Dr Bach is directed at a particular characteristic or emotional state. To select the remedies you need to think about the sort of person you are and the way you are feeling. For instance: Aspen: fear of unknown things, Beech– intolerance, Cerato – lack of trust in one’s own decisions, Olive – exhaustion following mental or physical effort, Pine – guilt, Red Chestnut – over-concern for the welfare of loved ones etc.

Bach Flower Remedies and Pregnancy:

Bach Flower Remedies are extremely helpful during pregnancy, when the expecting mother goes through a wide range of emotions. The Bach Flower Remedies restore peace of mind when the mother feels fearful, tired, overwhelmed and impatient and other emotions related to pregnancy. Rescue Remedy and Walnut are very useful during labor.

Bach Flower Remedies and Children:

Children respond very well to the Bach Flower Remedies. The Bach Flower Remedies are extremely helpful for all childhood emotions, such as, shyness, tantrums, fear, nightmares and low self-esteem. The Bach Flower Remedies help children reach a balance within themselves, so that they can learn from life’s ups and downs.

Bach Flower Remedies for pets:

Our pets also have emotions and the Bach Flower Remedies are very helpful to aid pets overcome difficult times. The Bach Flower Remedies have been very successful in calming hyperactive dogs, fearful cats, trips to the vet, moving, fear of thunder, newly arrived puppies and many other pet emotions.