Coaching for Mothers

Throughout the years, I became a happy mother of three (amazing) children. There is nothing more beautiful and rewarding than having children, even though being a parent can be difficult some times. The first period after the delivery and reintegration to work after maternity leave can be extremely difficult to mums (and to the whole family as well) in general. Women are expected to be suited for several roles at the same time (being a mum, wife, etc.). But if we are preparing for these special periods in advance we will have more clarity where to go and we will have the ability to achieve our goals much easier. The Coaching for Mums is a very efficient and joyful journey while one learns (in a short period of time):

  •  how to be suited for the above-mentioned roles
    (being a mum, wife, etc.);
  • how to be more creative and passionate;
  • how to reach balance and harmony;
  • how to spare substantive time for yourself at the same time;
  • etc.

I am more than happy to support you throughout this exciting and unique journey if you feel so - with love and compassion.

’Better together than alone.’ I know what you are going through – believe me!