Throughout my life I had to face many difficulties. Sometimes it was really hard to confront them and find the right solution(s) but looking back now, it seems clear to me that each problem arose to encourage me that I can overcome it. I believe that there is a reason for everything and if we are ready, we can use this to learn from it. It can be difficult to see through all of them alone and step into actions but with some support it can be fast and more authentic.

What you can’t share you can’t own!’

It is not always an easy journey but it is worth it. For now, I live my life as I want to live but this also takes a lot of effort each and every day. And sometimes I stumble as well but because of coaching I can get up faster. I am constantly able to reconnect to my inner power. That is one of the assets that I have learned from coaching.

I offer coaching sessions based on Consciousness Coaching® method.

Consciousness Coaching® is an extension of classical coaching. What makes it special? This coaching method creates shifts in consciousness and provides a context in which awareness, growth, and change can happen effortlessly. As a Consciousness Coach® I believe that ignorance not in knowledge but in awareness limits your ability to create the life you would love to live. To dissolve this ignorance by insights into the nature of human consciousness.

 “Without these insights one stumbles consistently over one’s own unconscious conditioning and soon lives a life being more in reaction rather than creation”, says Marc Steinberg founder of Consciousness Coaching®. Consciousness Coaching® possesses an extensive knowledge base of tools, concepts, and distinctions that facilitate self-exploration and open up enormous possibilities for authentic self-expression. Consciousness Coaching® is a source of awareness about the power of human consciousness that makes insights organic, so it can be effectively used by you in your daily lives.

I believe Consciousness Coaching® has a very powerful and effective methodology for anyone who is committed to creating massive changes in their own life, whether personal or professional. Coaching is supporting you to excel in any area of your life more effectively and efficiently then you could do so alone. My role is to keep you focused on achieving the goal you really wanted and getting there in the most efficient and effective way. Where coaching is powerful is that it places the responsibility into your hands, so it’s up to you to achieve the results not the other way around, therefore, creating a habit of taking responsibility for goals set.

Ask yourself:

  • What results would you use coaching for if you were to take coaching?
  • If these results were achieved, what impacts would this create in your daily life be it personal or professional?
  • Is the life you live now the one you always intended?
  • Do you wake up enthusiastic and with focus and vision about the upcoming week ahead?
  • So: What would be the most important value that you could create using the coaching sessions to achieve the result?


If you sign up for coaching and take it seriously numerous benefits will come your way. You will get clarity on your goals and learn how to achieve them in the most efficient way. You will increase personal fulfilment, happiness, satisfaction, well-being and adopt a healthier and conscious lifestyle. You will explore the resources of your consciousness and start using them to create your reality and live a meaningful life. 

‘It’s in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.’