More about Consciousness Coaching

Coaching is an art of navigating the client’s self-exploration by asking effective questions, setting the right context, and creating new layers of awareness. International Coach Federation defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential”. Therefore, coaching can be understood as a partnership between a client and a coach, based on mutual respect, confidentiality and commitment. In a coaching relationship, a client is committed to achieving the results he/she chooses and a coach is committed to their client’s progress. Coaching is a human interaction that leaves both sides empowered and uplifted. For many good reasons, Coaching has established itself worldwide as the no.1 empowerment tool when it comes to liberating one’s dormant potentials, creating new levels of awareness and removing all obstacles for creating the life one would truly love to live.


If you sign up for coaching and take it seriously, numerous benefits will come your way. You will:

  • get greater focus, clarity and purpose,
  • grow and develop personally and professionally: significant performance improvement,
  • identify your strengths and maximize their potential,
  • explore the resources of your consciousness and start using them to create your reality,
  • confidently make decisions,
  • create action plans,
  • achieve goals quickly and effectively,
  • align your business and personal life,
  • have the ability to create and provoke breakthroughs,
  • adopt a balanced and healthier lifestyle,
  • attain more fulfilment and satisfaction from your life,
  • have more energy, more power, and more inspiration for living a meaningful life.


Please note: coaching is not a substitution for therapy, mentoring or training – it does not seek to cure traumas, deal with past issues, transmit knowledge or show the way to act. Instead, coaching provides the right context for you to deal with concrete objectives and directs you to taking action steps basing on clarity of intention and freedom of choice.