Mourning and Loss

Processing mourning over loss

Handling the loss seems to be extremely difficult, however, our life is unfortunately full of losses. This is our nature. I have started to deal professionally with the loss and the mourning process after the death of my own baby. It was a critical period in my life and I needed some support to handle this tragedy and my feelings.

For now, I do believe that the one can never spare the mourning process. If you ignore it and simply don’t want to deal with it, mourning will eventually come back to you in an unexpected moment. The loss cannot be forgotten but one can try to replace it with emotions. That is why this process is extremely important.

I am dealing with several types of loss such as:

  • death
  • divorce
  • perinatal loss
  • financial or material loss
  • etc.

I am working with individual clients and in groups as well. Don’t forget, you are not alone.

Please contact me if you feel so.