Relaxation for women who struggle to become pregnant

I have been helping women who have struggled to become pregnant, who understandably became stressed about their predicament. While this response is natural, some argue that this continued internal struggle could actually lead to infertility.

‘I am sterile and I have a verification about it as well!’

It is important to know that the infertility can depend on so many things (e.g. man, woman, social and emotional circumstances, quality of the partnership, health care, etc.) My aim during the preparation of the pregnancy period is to map the possible obstacles and relieving blockages in order to get women ready for the special pregnancy period. I use coaching technics to gain awareness and if you are attempting to conceive and find yourself feeling anxious about the situation, consider giving some relaxation techniques a try. While it may seem that staying relaxed when trying to get pregnant is unimportant, surveys report that the degree to which one is  at ease plays an important part in conception success. In some cases, women experience a physical problem that prevents conception, however, in others, no easily identifiable pregnancy inhibitor is present. Remaining relaxed while trying to become pregnant is particularly important for women who fall into this category as their body chemistry, which is controlled in large part by mood, could be a cause of their infertility.

Meditation and visualization are effective relaxation tools both for those attempting to become pregnant as well as for individuals who are just aiming to relieve some stress during the pregnancy period. Both meditation and visualization have been proven to reduce levels of stress and can alleviate depression and relax the body.

For couples I suggest the mediation process to get to know each other’s hidden fears.

These techniques may not only put you at ease but may help you to become parent.

Give yourself a chance!