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by Zsófia Zalai-Zempléni 


You can live without joy, but it’s not worth it. Change in ways that increase the joy in you!


You can live without consciousness, but if you just drift, you won’t be happy in the long run.


Every moment is a chance to make a decision. Make more conscious choices to rebuild your life!

Be yourself! Seize your potential and live your own exciting life!

When you decide to make a conscious change instead of drifting, you start to descend. You face how deep the rabbit hole is. Going back to the matrix mood of our Hungarian-ness, so to speak: „Whoever wants to be a piper must go to hell.”

You do not have to do all this alone. I will support you in our work together to finally create that certain magic in you and in your life.

Deep changes in a short time:

this is Consciousness Coaching®


I learned this special method over several years in Belgium and the Netherlands, in the framework of a master’s course.  The method was developed by Marc Steinberg from the „classical” coaching methodology and its essence (uniqueness) lies in the fact that it is possible to achieve significant change and development by changing the individual’s level of consciousness. It is not knowledge but rather a lack of awareness that prevents individuals from achieving their goals and being fulfilled in life.

Consciousness Coaching® in Hungary is practiced by me alone.


Society perceives conflict as something that one should resolve as quickly as possible. I see conflict as a fact of life that, when properly managed, can benefit the parties. The benefits of conflict include the opportunity to renew relationships and make positive changes for the future. Once a settlement has been reached, a mediation agreement can be drawn up. Parties tend to keep to the mediation agreement because they have prepared the terms themselves. Taking responsibility and stepping into actions for a positive purpose. In that I can see the beauty of the mediation process.

I am supporting the parties in any area of the mediation process, however, I am especially trained as a mediator in family matters, school issues and relationship mediation. Feel free to contact me for further information!

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Mediation can occur in a number of different fields, such as commercial, workplace, family matters, community, legal or diplomatic activity. In addition to dispute resolution, mediation can function as a means of dispute prevention, such as facilitating the process of contract negotiation.

Important note: Mediation agreements concluded through a mediation process are accepted by courts and lawyers.

The typical mediation has no formal compulsory elements although some elements usually occur:

  • establishment of basic rules framing the boundaries of mediation (introductory remarks),
  • statement of the problem by the parties,
  • identification of issues,
  • clarification and detailing of respective interests and objectives,
  • searching for objective criteria,
  • identification of options,
  • discussing and analysing solutions,
  • adjusting and refining proposed solutions,
  • reaching an agreement and record the agreement in writing,
  • signing the agreement.

About me

in brief

I am Zsófia Zalai-Zempléni, a mediator and master coach, and the only practitioner of Consciousness Coaching® working in Hungary. Not incidentally, I am a wife and happy mother of four wonderful children. My main areas of expertise are pregnancy, motherhood, youth coaching, relationship/change mediation.


As women we have to take a stand in many areas of life. My mission is to help women make conscious choices about their life and give them the freedom to focus on which part of their life they want to live, according to their stage in life. I also help them to find a balance between their different female roles.


Young people are more likely to succeed in the world and become happier adults if they learn from an early age to access their inner resources, to unblock our blockages, to regulate our reactions to emotions and to learn to communicate clearly and openly. I help them to do this with faith and commitment.


It is not lack of knowledge, but lack of awareness that prevents us from getting through the challenging times in our lives, from achieving our goals and fulfilling ourselves. By becoming aware of our habituated actions and reactions, we have a greater opportunity to shape our destiny in a responsible and positive way.


„Zsofi is a great helper. With her personality and special vibes I was able to step into my full potential. I felt like I was swimming in a gentle, safe river toward my goals. I accomplished everything I wanted and even more.”



„The sessions helped me to sort my thoughts. I loved the pictures and meditations that we did. At the end I don’t know what happened to feel this change but I am not searching anymore the sense of life. I enjoy the present and concentrate for our next step. Thanks for all.„

Vanessa Balboni

„Zsofi is a true enabler and empowerer. She is full of empathy, compassion and she can give her full attention to the sessions we have. She can ask the right questions, those that are just pertinant to the issue we are shedding light on. She has also shown some very nice and useful methods that have helped me have a deeper insight into my core creative self that yearns to not remain untapped.”


 „Her powerful energy supported me to make some important decisions in my life. She is a very good listener and pushed me gently in the right direction. I am very grateful for that. “

Ingrid Machiels

„For the last couple of months I have been coached on different subjects by Zsofia Zalai-Zempleni. The coaching sessions with Zsofia were very beneficial for me, I also enjoyed the sessions. What I appreciated most was that the sessions gave me clarity and enabled me to focus my efforts. At the start of a session my thoughts on the designated subjects were unguided, during the session I clearly noticed a focusing process with the result of more clarity and accuracy, and by that enabling progress on the designated subjects. I recommend Zsofia as a coach and would gladly make use of her coaching-services again.”

E van Esch

We set up our foundations because we believe that social awareness is important.


Our foundations help us to provide help to those who could not afford it. As well as helping, we want to raise awareness of the social barriers that, together, we can change.

AOROM Foundation

The Foundation aims to:

To promote the harmonious spiritual, physical and intellectual development, skills, abilities, knowledge, qualities and literacy of children, young people and young adults, and to support them in achieving their goals through deeper self-awareness, so that they become responsible adults who are sensitive to their environment. Talent management, education, upbringing, career guidance, integration, skills development, prevention, advocacy. „To love well is to know and accept – to extend one’s world to others.” (Tamás Vekerdy – Hungarian child psychologist)



Special Family Foundation

The Foundation aims to:

Every family is unique. Every family is special. The Foundation’s aim is to support the harmonious functioning of families, to help the process of becoming a family, to protect, preserve and restore the mental, spiritual and physical health of the individuals who make up the family, as well as the professionals in early development, early childhood intervention, primary and specialised care, public education and the social sphere, who help to develop harmonious parent-child and family relationships, with particular attention to children and young adults with special needs.



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